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Naturopathy is a science which demands strictness. Naturopathy believes in a highly disciplined way of living and discipline cannot be achieved without being strict and firm. So this strictness in diet & others things made only in the interest of the patients and their well being.

These habits of taking tea, coffee, alcohol, zarda, alcohol are acquired habits and they are not the basic needs of our body like food & sleep. All these items increase acidity in stomach which will hinder in the Naturopathy treatments given here in institute.

In morning only sprouts & one fruit is given at 9.am in breakfast, lunch is given at 1 pm & dinner at 6.30 pm.

Yes, our kitchen staff demonstrate the preparation of food, juice, salads, &, other food preparation to patients, once a week so that it helps the patients to prepare the same at home.

Yes, the water used for drinking purpose in RO treated water absolutely safe for drinking . It has been tested in laboratory to maintain the quality of water.

Naturopathy & yoga are slow the sure processes. As such even 7days are not sufficient and should take treatment as per doctor’s advice and according to his / her disease condition. Ideally it should not be less than 14 days except for only detoxification programme.

Naturopathy require strong discipline and faith which normally is not excepted from youngsters below 18 years of age. However if we are sure that disease which are 100% treatable is Naturopathy we do relax age up to 12 years provided these children come along with their parents..<br>
Also people above 80 yrs of age do not respond to nature cure treatment at this advanced age because of old eating & irregular habits. Only lovers of Naturopathy who are more then 80yrs are allowed.

We believe that one has came in our institute for treatment then his whole attention should be concentrated on his body’s healing & also we teach meditation in this institute & use of mobiles distracts the sadhakas. Use of mobiles upto late night by the sadhakas disturbs the sleep & affects the strict daily routine of our institute.

Guest are always a pressure on our limited infrastructure which has been built especially for patients. More over some create indiscipline and do buisness misusing the facilities provided for the patients only. Hence we discourage patients bringing guest except in essential case.

In nature cure system it is necessary that the patient must stay in the campus and follow strict routine of diet as well as various courses like kriyas, yoga, meditation, etc. Meva taking few treatments like what is offered in a health club will not result in better cure. Hence we discourage outpatient treatment in our centre.

Human body is one of the greatest examples of gods ingenuity. The body has capacity to fight any type of disease on its own. Unfortunately, we do not give a chance to body to fight disease and the moment a disease erupt, we start medicating with the result instead of assisting body to fight disease medicines start going in the negative direction with many side effects. In this institute, we teach patients how to treat diseases without medicines. Since it is a vast subject you are advise to study literature on this subject.

First of all don’t confuse fasting with starvation. Fasting is a constructive treatment which helps to excrete harmful toxins that causedisease in the body. Nobody feels weak while fasting. Only first two days of fasting are difficult till the body gets adjusted from third day onwards, body starts using stored fat for its energy needs. So no need to get frightened from fasting.

Naturopathy is a method of healing by helping body to heel itself by using natural elements earth, water , sunlight, air, and ether. It believes that health is natural and disease unnatural. The primary cause of the disease starts from violation of natures laws which leads to lowered vitality and disease. Lowered vitality take place due to accumulation of waste matter, morbid materials and poisions in the system leading to abnormal composition of blood &lumph and disease.

It is a special 3 days programme designed by our Guruji Shr iVishwas Mandlikiji, On first day people are given to eat only fruits and salads (falaher raw food) . In fruits 5 fruits are omitted, i.e Mango, Banana, Sitafal, Sugarcane & Grapes. On second day, only neerahar i.e. warm water with salt and lemon is given whole day & third day rasahar i.e. all the fruits given on first day are given in juice from by grinding them in juicer. This programme it easy to follow by anyone &its helps in reduction in weight by 1-2 kg.

Yes, they are allowed to be brought in the institute along with the patient & our doctors then decide which medicine to be taken &when to taper them off & ultimately make the patient lead a healthy life without medicines.

The types of diseases treated here are Migraine, Sinusitis, Bronchial, Asthma, Peptic, Ulcers, Hyperacidity, All Abdominal Disorders, Amoebiasis, Dysentery, Colitis, Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis, Menstrual Disorders, High B.P.(Hypertension) Increased Cholesterol Level, Diabetes, Mellitus, Insomnia, Anxiety Neurons, Spondylitis, Cervical & Lumbar, Backache, Arthritis, Stable Heart Disease etc.

Yes, AYNRF is meant for both reduction and increase in weight .the diet & the yoga & naturopathy treatment given to all arogya sadkas here definetly helps in reduction of weight on an average 2-3 kg in 7 days. Patient can also put an weight by improving digestive and absorbing capacity through practicing yoga and other exercises.

If there are no clorine conditions and severs symptoms of diseases ,7 to 10 days are sufficient to detoxify the system, but it is not possible to cure the longstanding disease within a short period of 10 days. Depending open the condition of the patient his symptoms, Vitality etc. It may take anytime between 15- 40 days. Nature cure is not a miracle.

If there are no clorine condition and levers symptoms of diseases ,7 to 10 days are sufficient to destroy the system, but it is not possible to cure the langstanding disease within a short period of 10 days depending open the condition of the patient his symptoms vitality etc., if may take anytime between 15- 40 days nature cure is not a miracle.

Our check in this time is 10 am & check out time is 9 am on every Sunday.

We are registered charitable organization with no profit motto. Hence there is no question of making profit. in fact our founders have spent lot of money in making of this institute & handed this institute to charitable trust AYNRF under which all the activities are conducted. All the money saved is utilized in lot of save activities helping the poor and needy people in various adivasi padas and village.